Graduate Research Opportunities

We are looking for motivated and talented graduate students interested in modeling molecules and polymers. We welcome students from Chemistry, Physics, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering. Graduate students who have been admitted to a Ph.D. program at UIUC are encouraged to contact Prof. Jackson (jacksonn@illinois.edu) directly at any time.

Prospective chemistry graduate students interested in the group should apply to the UIUC Chemistry Ph.D. program. Students interested in theory and computation should also explore the Center for Advanced Theory and Molecular Simulations.

Research in the group is highly interdisciplinary. Students will learn an array of theoretical and computational chemistry techniques including quantum chemical and model hamiltonian electronic structure calculations, classical molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo, coarse-graining, machine learning, and network analysis. The group maintains multiple on-campus experimental collaborations that are facilitated by involvement in the AI for Materials group in the Beckman Institute and Thrust 4 of the Molecular Maker Lab Institute (MMLI). Through these efforts, students are prepared for a broad set of career opportunities, such as those in specialty chemicals/materials, biotech/pharmaceuticals, scientific software, data science, software engineering, consulting, government, national labs, and academia. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Highly motivated undergraduates from all departments are welcome to inquire about research opportunities available in the laboratory. Interested undergraduates should contact Prof. Jackson directly at jacksonn@illinois.edu and should enclose a current (unofficial) transcript and CV. Undergraduates with existing programming experience are particularly welcome. A GPA above 3.3 in chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses will be required to join the research group.